Incredible state Rajasthan with Taj Mahal
Exclusive fully supported bike trip with boutique stay starting from USD 2999*
Quick Facts

Duration: 17 Days / 16 Nights
Level: Moderate
Tour Starts: Delhi
Tour Ends: Delhi
Total distance cycled: 236 Mile/ 380 km


Rajasthan, ‘The Land of Kings’ historically, it has been the abode of many brave kings of this country. It has witnessed their brave deeds first hand and so it remains soaked in the sagas of their glories.
Rajasthan is also ‘The Land of Colors’ and one of the most captivating states of India. Perhaps, because it hosts a vast, diverse tribal population in its artistic regal architecture.
Our Rajasthan cycling tour is a complete package. You will bike with us through the most popular heritage destinations of
Udaipur – The Most Romantic City of India
Jodhpur – The Sun City of India, and even The Blue City of India
Jaipur – The Pink City of India
Bharatpur – The Paradise for bird watcher’s.
Agra – The Taj Mahal
If book during November. you will get the glorious celebrations at The Pushkar Camel Fair, is an annual multi-day livestock fair and culture. For its unimaginable scale and grandeur, it is rated as one of India’s top-rated travel experiences.

Are you excited to ride this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity? Let’s start.
Travel: It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.

Day 1: Delhi
You arrive at Delhi International airport today and get transferred to the hotel. The next morning fly to udaipur.
Meals: Dinner.


Day 2: Udaipur
You arrive at Udaipur airport today and get transferred to the hotel. Throughout these first two days, you will see how Udaipur itself wears many colors of Rajasthan. This afternoon, we will take you on a half-day guided walk to the largest and most beautiful, Indo-Aryan Lord Jagadish temple (built in 1651 AD). Next, we move on to the Udaipur City Palace, one of the architectural marvels of Rajasthan, located peacefully on the bank of Lake Pichola.
Meals: Lunch & Dinner.


Day 3: Udaipur
Today you explore this ‘City of Lakes’ as you pedal along the countryside. The rural landscape of this state has a magic of its own. you take tips for safe riding from your trip leader and get ready to ride! You cycle into a typical Rajasthani village where mud-houses, farmers-at-work and women in their bright-colored attires. This is an arresting sight for first time visitors of this country. Say hello to the kingfisher birds, langurs, cows, goats and peacocks as you ride your bike alongside Lake Pichola, Badi and Fateh Sagar.In the evening, you go for some colorful street shopping. It is an electrifying experience to walk on never-ending streets splashed with bright, miniature paintings, silver jewelry, ethnic bags and more. At the end of these two days, you’re not sure what to call this Citadel of Mewar (a kingdom ruled by the Sisodia dynasty for 1200 Years) - 'The City of Lakes' for its picturesque lakes, or 'The City of Romance' for its palaces and marvelous architecture or else 'The City of Colors' for its music, art and culture.
Meals: Breakfast,Lunch & Dinner.
Cycled Distance : 14 miles / 24 km


Day 4: Kumbhalgarh
You start early today and drive out of the city for half an hour to avoid Udaipur city traffic. Your ride starts from Iswal and you cycle till Kumbhalgarh. As you ride into the mountains that take you close to Aravallis and the terrain keeps getting challenging. On the way you witness the lifestyle of Bhil tribals - an indigenous tribal people of India and one of the oldest inhabitants of the subcontinent. In the evening, you visit the Kumbhalgarh Fort that sits peacefully at the hill-top. , it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.
Cycled Distance: 38 miles / 60 km
Drive Distance: 12 miles / 20 km


Day 5: Bera
Today after breakfast you leave for Bera and start cycling. This region is called ‘godwad’ and has a beautiful terrain like no other. Rocky mountains and solid rock caves with a dry semi-arid vegetation which makes it the perfect habitat for the leopard. During the journey we stop at Ranakpur for lunch where we visit the stunning 15th Century Ranakpur Jain Temple. The main temple, beautifully carved from marble, is dedicated to Adinath. It has 29 halls supported by 1444 pillars, each delicately carved with a different design later driven to Bera. later in the night you will go for leopard sightings in the wild.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Cycled Distance: 30 miles / 45 km
Drive Distance: 24 miles / 35 km


Day 6: Rohat
Today after breakfast you leave for RohatGarh early in the morning, the terrain will change dramatically from hilly to plains. You start cycling from the castle itself while cycling through interior roads (less travelled) you come across granite mountains, Shepard villages, a village near Jodhpur formerly a Jagir ‘fief’ of the Thakur of Rohat. This village has a small fortress which is now a hotel and this will be your accommodation for the day. You will take a village tour to interact with the people and get a general idea of the rural life in Rajasthan.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Cycled Distance: 35 miles / 60 km
Drive Distance: 35 miles / 60 km


Day 7: Luni
Today you have short day of cycle tour but more to see explore and experience royal rajasthani culture, you leave for a small village called Luni, there will be another surprise for you with the Grand Palace hotel called Fort Chanwa.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Cycled Distance : 16 miles / 25 km


Day 8: Jodhpur
Today after breakfast you leave for Jodhpur (the sun city) early in the morning , You start cycling from Hotel itself, We have a great combination for cycling and sightseeing, after cycling we visit to Mehrangarh fort and later free time to explore the colorful street of Blue city, in the evening we will enjoy lovely meal at on of the best rooftop hotel of Jodhpur.
DID YOU KNOW? Jodhpur is the ‘Sun City’ of India for the bright, sunny weather it enjoys all the year round. It is also the ‘Blue City’ for the old city area where most traditional people, and especially the priests have painted their houses with blue, an auspicious color, also known to keep the termite away and the houses cooler during scorching summers. Colorful Jodhpur too, isn’t it?

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.
Cycled Distance: 15 miles / 25 km
Drive Distance : 11 miles / 20 km


Day 9: Khejarla
Today you start for Jodhpur, a village near Jodhpur You will cycle all the way to the village and see the amazing country arid and dry vegetation. The terrain is plain with soft dry sand and open fields. You come to Khejarla. This village has a small fortress which is now a hotel and this will be your accommodation for the day. You will take a village tour to interact with the people and get a general idea of the rural life in Rajasthan.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Cycled Distance: 35 miles / 60 km


Day 10: Pushkar
Today after breakfast you move to Pushkar. You start cycling from the Chandelao fort and cycle to the Khejarla fort. You will have your lunch at Khejarla fort and drive down to Pushkar. Pushkar is a holy city of the Hindus. It is also a subdivision amidst the aravalli ranges between the arid and semi arid regions. There sand dunes too! The famous Brahma temple (the temple of the creator) is situated here at Pushkar , it also has many Ghats (places for ritual bathing) which are quite a sight at this part of Rajasthan. The most spectacular sight however is the Pushkar lake that has all the Ghats and Brahma temples built around it along with many houses and families that live there.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Cycled Distance: 34 miles / 55 km
Drive Distance: 93 miles / 150 km


Day 11: Jaipur
After breakfast you move to Jaipur (the pink city).You start cycling from Pushkar and end at Roopangarh. These are quiet interior roads with slight or less traffic and the amazing countryside. The terrain is semi-desert and dry and thorny bushes and vegetation. Inroute we will cross the ruined fort of Kerkedi and enjoy a cup of masala tea. Later we proceed toward Roopangarh marble cutting factory after You will drive down to Jaipur from Roopangarh where you have your packed lunch, reach Jaipur by the evening.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.
Cycled Distance: 37 miles / 60 km
Drive Distance: 62 miles / 100 km


Day 12: Jaipur
Today we will spend sightseeing. First we walk up to splendid fort, which we enter through a massive gateway into the main yard. From Amber we drive to Jaipur. 'The Pink City' of Jaipur is one of the most attractive and colourful cities in India. King Jai Singh had decided to abandon his nearby fortress and palace at Amber in 1727 and laid out a planned city of broad avenues, built of sandstone, painted pink at a later stage. In the centre of Jaipur Jantar Mantar observatory instruments allow the observation of astronomical positions with the naked eye. The observatory is an example of the Ptolemaic positional astronomy which was shared by many civilizations.
We will also see Jaipur's impressive landmark, the Hawa Mahal or Palace of the Winds. Jaipur is a centre of many handicrafts, such as durries (woven rugs), carpets, printed cloth, semi-precious stones. It will be difficult to leave a workshop without buying anything.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.


Day 13 : Bharatpur
We continue our Indian adventure, heading north over beautiful terrain through more villages and towns. We’ll be more used to the sights around us now, and we gain a greater insight into the lives of the local people with every mile that we pedal. The landscapes we ride through become more agricultural, and we pass more small villages and people tending crops on the cultivated land. The diverse scenes of local life become one of the highlights of the trip for most people. On route we will have lunch near Mahuwa later approximate an hour of transfer to Keoladeo National Park, home to hundreds of bird species. In order to preserve the park and wildlife, bicycles are the only vehicle permitted – and the best way to explore the water marshes which attract thousands of water birds.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.
Cycled Distance: 31 miles / 50 km
Drive Distance: 44 miles / 70 km


Day 14 : Agra
Today we transfer to Agra, The Taj Mahal is a world renowned architectural marvel made during the reign of Mughal emperor Shah–Jahan. Built in the 17th century it is one of the seven wonders of the world. The Taj needs no introduction, standing tall in its pride on the bank of the Yamuna river.The Taj is a white marbles monument built by hand and polished stone, holds many semi-precious stones embossed in its walls, it’s a mausoleum made to commemorate the love of the emperor for his wife Mumtaz Mahal.
Meals: Breakfast,Lunch & Dinner.
Drive Distance: 44 miles / 75 km


Day 15 : Delhi
This morning we left from Agra to Delhi via Train and later evening sightseeing in Delhi.
Meals: Breakfast,Lunch & Dinner.
Drive Time: 5 hours approx


Day 16 : Delhi
This morning we rode to Old Delhi by cycle.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.
Cycled Distance: 7 miles / 15 km


Day 17 : Shuttle to Delhi Airport
Our trip leader transfers you to the Delhi International Airport to let you depart with a bag full of happy memories.
Meals: Breakfast,Lunch & Dinner.
Cycled Distance: 13miles / 20 km


*With shuttle-short transfers


Please note: Hotels are subject to availability. We will take every effort to block the rooms in the proposed hotels. However final confirmation of proposed hotels will be subject to availability on receiving final confirmation.

On the first day of the trip, Your Trip Leader will meet you at Udaipur Airport.
You will need to obtain a VISA to enter the country.

Oct.-feb. marks the starting of winter in Rajasthan. Though maximum temperature can touch 28 degrees celsius towards mid-day, early mornings and late evenings are cool and pleasant. As we are mostly along the coasts expect high levels of humidity.


Getting Active

To get ready for this trip, we suggest biking regularly beforehand and hitting a few hills whenever you can. We want you to have the best possible vacation, and while there’s no need for hardcore training, you should feel comfortable riding at least 20–40 miles each day and still have the strength and enthusiasm to get up and do it all over again the next day.
To ride safely along the narrow and sometimes trafficked roads, it is important to ride single file and to develop good balance on your bike. Balance can only be developed by riding on the road. We recognize that not everyone lives in an area conducive to outdoor riding, but please keep in mind that while running, riding a stationary bike, spinning and other aerobic exercise will help improve your strength, endurance and cardiovascular health, these activities will not help with balance.


Don’t forget to bring your helmet and water bottle !
You are welcome to bring your own gear, such as pedals, seat, helmet, toe clips and cyclometer, to use with a bicycle. However, please inform us in advance if you choose to bring any of your own things.


●  How do I prevent soreness while bicycling? Think padding! Padded shorts make sitting on the bicycle seat a lot more comfortable, and padded.
●  Should I buy a pair of biking shoes for my trip? Rigid shoes maximize the power of your pedaling stroke, but there’s really no need to purchase a pair of biking shoes just for this trip. Any athletic shoes — provided they have stiff soles—will be sufficient.
●  It’s not really going to rain, is it? As much as we don’t like to think about it, rain is possible no matter where you travel. Your best bet for staying comfortable during a shower is to wear quality rain gear that is both waterproof and breathable. A jacket and pants made of Gore-Tex will keep you dry even in the fiercest downpour.
●  Does wearing layers really make a difference? Yes! The trick for staying comfortable in fluctuating temperatures is to wear three basic layers of lightweight clothing: underwear (to wick moisture away from your skin), insulating garments (for warmth) and outerwear (to protect against wind or rain) .

●  Wear a helmet. Riding without a helmet is extremely dangerous. Our company requires that all guests wear helmets while cycling.
●  Ride predictably, defensively and in a straight line.
●  When riding with others, ride single file and maintain several bike lengths between cyclists. Allow more distance when riding downhill.
●  Do not use headphones while riding; you might not hear traffic coming up behind you.
●  Be as courteous to motorists as you would like them to be to you, and get completely off the road when you stop.
●  Keep your speed under control on down hills. Use both brakes simultaneously, but be aware
that the front brake is more powerful than the rear. Gently pump your brakes on long descents for maximum effectiveness. Check brakes frequently to make sure nothing is loose or dangling.
●  Wet slippery roads require extra caution and greater stopping distance —especially on
Down hills. Wet brakes must be dried by pumping before they have an effect, so start braking early in damp weather.
●  When riding on sand or gravel, downshift into low gear so you can spin your pedals faster while still going slow.
●  Obey all traffic regulations. Stop at all stop signs and red lights, yield the right-of-way and use hand signals when turning, slowing down or stopping. Ride on the extreme left side of the road, at a safe distance from traffic
●  Be cautious around road obstacles. It is safest to dismount and walk your bike across railroad tracks and cattle guards. If you decide to bike across them, do so at right angles. Avoid potholes, metal grates, glass, rocks and thorns. Ride at a safe distance from parked cars and watch for vehicles pulling out and/or doors opening in your path.
●  You must yield the right of way to pedestrians. Do not ride on sidewalks.
●  When making a right turn, it is safest to pull off the road, dismount, look both ways for traffic and then walk your bike across the road. Never follow other cyclists when turning without confirming for yourself that it is safe to do so.
●  Listen carefully for approaching motorists. (Look over your shoulder only if you can do so
without swerving.)
●  We do not cycle after dark on trips. If you decide to do so on your own, you must bring your own bike equipped with a white light on the front, a red light on the rear and reflectors on the spokes and pedals.
●  If a dog chases you and you are not able to ride away quickly, stop your bike and walk out of the dog’s territory, keeping the bike between you and the animal.
●  Wear appropriate clothing for bicycling. Brightly colored clothes make you more visible to motorists.
●  Double-tie shoelaces and tuck them inside your shoes.
●  You should wear corrective lenses while bicycling if you use them while driving.



✓ Bicycling shoes or stiff-soled sneakers
✓ Bicycling shorts
✓ Short-fingered cycling gloves
✓ Brightly colored cycling jerseys or synthetic T- shirts
✓ Lightweight jacket or vest
✓ Non-cotton base layers of varying weights (tops & bottoms); choose a fabric such as
polypropylene, Capilene or Coolmax
✓ Synthetic bicycling socks
✓ Sunglasses
✓ Breathable windproof jacket


✓ Wallet (credit cards, bank cards, ID, cash)
✓ One quart-size, zip-top, clear plastic bag to carry all liquids, gels and aerosols in carry- on luggage (and liquids, gels and aerosols must be in 3-ounce or smaller containers)
✓ Medications and copies of prescriptions
✓ Toiletries
✓ Insect repellent
✓ Sunscreen and lip ointment

Please limit your luggage to one soft-sided medium-sized suitcase and one carry-on bag. Mark your luggage with your name, address and phone number.

✓ Mid-weight short-sleeved, synthetic undershirt (base layer)
✓ Appropriate clothing for restaurants, villages and temples
✓ Fleece jacket/vest or warm sweater
✓ Synthetic mid-weight socks
✓ Arm and knee/leg warmers (for biking)
✓ Bicycling tights
✓ Long-fingered gloves
✓ Windproof outer gloves (worn over biking gloves)
✓ Heavier-weight long-sleeved, synthetic undershirt
✓ Long-sleeved cycling jerseys and synthetic T-shirts lightweight but warm cycling cap that fits under helmet (skullcap)
✓ Headband that covers ears (wear under helmet)


Please Note our company recommends that you not bring valuable personal electronics
including, but not limited to, IPAD, laptop computers and expensive cameras. While we will
transport them from place to place during the trip as a convenience, we do not assume
responsibility for any damage, loss or loss of function to the devices. This policy also applies to other items such as expensive jewelry, fur coats and fragile and delicate accessories, whether purchased on the trip or otherwise.

●  Heritage and comfortable hotels with breakfast as mentioned above.
●  Domestic flights
●  Charter comfortable vehicle for the complete tour, (SAG vehicle following the riders).
●  Tour Captain– An accompanying well experienced cyclist, who has sound knowledge of all major routes, regularly doing adventure tours, cycling tours, well to do in First aid and on spot cycle maintenance.
●  Hybrid/ Mountain bike
●  All monument entrance fee.
●  Local Guides at Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Agra and Naturalist at Bharatpur.
●  All Lunches and Dinner
●  Refreshments, mineral water, fruits, cookies, juices, re-hydration supplements during cycle ride
●  Train tickets from Agra to Delhi
●  Essential first-aid kit
●  Jeep safari at Bera for Leopard sighting.
●  All transportation from rendezvous to final drop-off

●  Tip* for crew members and hotel staff
●  Vaccinations and personal medication.
●  Camera charges at monument.
●  Travel insurance policy , visa.
●  Alcoholic beverages
●  Drinks in hotels
●  Expenses of personal nature e.g. Telephone bills, laundry and spa, massage etc.
●  Any adventure activity like Paragliding, rafting, rope way etc
●  Immediate expenses raised due to natural occurrences – landslides, weather, etc.
●  Any items/activity not mentioned above.

Quick Facts

Duration: 17 Days / 16 Nights
Level: Moderate
Tour Starts: Delhi
Tour Ends: Delhi
Total distance cycled: 236 Mile/ 380 km