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Travel with Tapesh is born from the passion and spirit.

We have many USPs but the top one is customer satisfaction Well, you might be thinking that we are yet another travel agency in this overcrowded marketplace. But that’s what gives us our USP because we know exactly how to standout of from the crowd.

It is no exaggeration to say that our expertise travel experiences can make a world of difference to your time-off in India.

A cycling enthusiast Tapesh and Team originally from Rajasthan, in the north west region of the India. A tourism business graduate, I was drawn to the romance of exploring rural India and experiencing it’s cultures and cuisines through cycling trips. my experience of working as an inbound trips executive equips me to tackle the challenges of being a trip leader and my love for the countryside keeps my energy level soaring.


travel with tapesh

The math is simple. Nature + Adventure + Culture = Hey Travel with Tapesh.
We select fun routes to get you up and close to the give you that adreno rush and set up camps close to the scenic beauty of India. You are taken care of right from arrival to departure. because in India ‘The Guest is Equivalent to God’.
We take care of your acclimatization needs since high-altitudes, extreme weather conditions and limited resources can, but should not stop you from enjoying the very best time of your life. Your nutrition, health and safety needs are covered because in India, ‘First We Eat and Then Do Everything Else’. (Option: In India, ‘WTF stands for Where’s The Food’)
India is well known for its traditional festivals as it has so many cultures and religions. And so to give you a complete experience and include you in our celebrations we schedule most of our trips during festival times. Because in India, these are the times when ‘Nights Turn into Mornings and Friends Turn into Family’.


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